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Meet Alexandra, JFON Houston’s Deportation Defense Legal Assistant

Alexandra grew up proud of the courage and bravery it took for her grandparents to seek asylum in the United States.  She grew up celebrating traditional U.S. holidays as well as those from her parent’s homeland of Nicaragua. 


But it was not until she began working in immigration that she fully understood just how difficult it was for her grandparents to immigrate to the United States.

During high school and college Alexandra thought long and hard about her career path.  

She was raised bi-cultural, bilingual and with a great appreciation for immigrants but never thought about a career in immigration. 


“About six months after graduating from college I became acquainted with a woman who was working with immigrants at a nonprofit,” said Alexandra.  “It opened my eyes to a career field I had never thought of.”


After a little soul searching, Alexandra decided to pursue a career in immigration.  Her decision led her to a small for-profit immigration law firm in Denver, Colorado.  It was a combination of her paying job and her volunteer work with immigrant detainees that lead Alexandra to discover one of her passions was helping asylum-seekers. 


But turning people away because of their inability to pay laid heavy on her heart.  Alexandra knew her career journey wasn’t over.  She needed a position that allowed her to work with asylees regardless of income. 


Like most in her generation, Alexandra took her search to the internet and learned about the work of JFON Houston.  She applied and as they say, the rest is history!


“I love working with asylum-seekers.  So often, they have been forced to leave their families behind and forge their own path by themselves,” said Alexandra.  “My passion is helping them on their path to freedom, security and equity.”