Her Life Wasn’t Fun in the Sun

When most of us think of life in the Caribbean, we imagine the beautiful beaches and a laid-back way of life.  But for Elisabeth, life was not beautiful. 


Elisabeth worked hard at her job and even harder at raising her two children to be honorable, good people.  Elisabeth led by example and often spoke out about the injustice and abuse inflicted on the citizens by the government. 

After a protest, Elisabeth was kidnapped by people working for the top officials in the government.  She was abused, raped and warned if she continued to speak of the horrors that would be unleashed upon her.

Entering her home after the attack was painful.  Everywhere Elisabeth looked were memories of the life she built, the friends and family she loved and the dreams she had for her people.  But she knew, she couldn’t stay.  Elisabeth wasn’t ready to die.  She wanted to watch her grandchildren grow.

She slowly packed a few treasures into her backpack, one at a time put on her best walking shoes, turned slowly to give her home a final view before locking the door forever.

She began walking.  She knew she had to make it to the Mexico-United States border to request asylum.  The journey took many months and was rough.  But she finally made it. 

She made it into the country just before the pandemic began.  Walking into the JFON Houston offices was scary but the smiling faces and welcoming attitude of everyone made her feel safe and at home. 

Elisabeth’s immigration process will take many years but she isn’t worried about that.  Right now, she is counting the days to apply for the right to legally work and begin helping others again just as the people who made the services of JFON Houston available to her at no charge.  They changed her life and she wants to do the same for others.

Editor's Note:  The client's name and likeness have been changed to protect her identity.