Meet Joy Green, Legal Director

Joy Green is passionate about helping others, advocating for human rights and dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to high-quality legal help regardless of their ability to pay.  Joy's values and beliefs made her the person perfect to assume the role of Legal Director for JFON Houston. 

"JFON’s mission is important to me, because we focus on providing high-quality services,” said Joy.  “Many times, low income individuals may not receive the best services, because they cannot afford the costs of private attorneys.”

Joy explained that prior to moving from private practice to JFON Houston her clients paid high prices and expected exceptional service.  But Joy didn't think money should dictate service quality.   “It was important to me when I came to JFON Houston to ensure that clients received the same level of service they could expect from private attorneys, but without the associated costs,” Joy explained.  “Every client, regardless of income, deserves the best service possible.   I want to make sure that clients know they are receiving the same level of service without worrying about the cost of legal representation."

Joy’s personal passions led her to becoming an immigration attorney.  Joy said she chose immigration law because she wanted to advocate for human rights and work with families.  "I enjoy the challenge of immigration law, with its constantly changing policies, case law, and administrative procedures," Joy said.    "I am fortunate to get to work with clients from all over the world who are proud to share their cultures and stories with me.  No two days are ever alike."

Before attending law school, Joy studied in Cuba at the University of Havana and enjoyed being immersed in the Spanish language and the culture of Cuba.  

When not advocating for immigrants and JFON Houston clients, Joy enjoys hiking and traveling.