Meet Julio Irizarry, The Asylum Project Attorney

Coming on board in March 2020 did not give Julio much time to acclimate before the pandemic forced everyone to work from home.  While Julio prefers to meet clients face-to-face when developing relationships, he said the use of technology allowed him to hit the ground running and for clients to feel like they know him.

"Asylum-seekers have been through so much already, they need to see you really care," said Julio.  Julio has mastered using various apps and video conferencing tools so he can adapt to whatever his client is most comfortable using.

Before coming to JFON Houston, Julio spent most of his life in Puerto Rico - where he also attended law school and practiced law.  Wanting a change of atmosphere and new challenges, Julio decided Houston would be a good fit for him because of the international flare of the city.

Julio said joining the JFON Houston team was the perfect fit for him.  "Everyone associated with JFON Houston is committed to improving the lives of immigrants and I am glad to be part of such an amazing team."

Julio primary responsibility at JFON Houston is to oversee the Asylum Project, a partnership between the United Methodist Committee on Relief, Church World Service and JFON Houston to provide immigration representation to asylum-seekers living in the greater Houston area.

The mission of JFON Houston is to provide low-income individuals and families with affordable, high quality immigration legal services and engage in immigration education and advocacy.

Main Office:

2220 Broadway Street

Houston, Texas 77012



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