Meet Rachel Weber, JFON Houston Executive Assistant

Rachel is the JFON Houston Executive Assistant.   She loves her job because she says no two days are ever the same and she is always learning new things while being inspired by the incredible people JFON Houston serves.

Rachel’s day includes looking for grants to help increase the number of clients JFON Houston can serve each year, sending thank you letters to the wonderful people who make donations to JFON Houston each month, updating the website and looking for free and low-cost services in the area that will help JFON Houston clients – just to name a few.

Rachel has made working in non-profits her mission.  “I love working in a position that allows me to help others,” said Rachel.  “Helping people accomplish their dreams and seeing how dedicated and brave they are in their journey is inspiring.”  Rachel added that when she hears about the horrors that inspired many JFON Houston clients to leave their homelands nothing seems insurmountable.  “I am amazed at the strength and braveness of our clients daily and it helps me understand more of my own family history,” she said.

Working from home the last two months has been good and bad Rachel said.  While she enjoys seeing her daughter during the day, she also really misses interacting with the JFON Houston staff.

When Rachel isn’t focused on JFON Houston, she loves to try new recipes out on her family and spend time with her husband and almost teen-aged daughter!

The mission of JFON Houston is to provide low-income individuals and families with affordable, high quality immigration legal services and engage in immigration education and advocacy.

Main Office:

2220 Broadway Street

Houston, Texas 77012



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